What began as a one-man-show has benefitted from a woman’s touch. My ever-supportive wife, Jennifer, along with being the Vice President in Charge of Everything, has also become a full and active photographer. As a team, we have greater flexibility. We have the ability to shoot from two completly different viewpoints to offer a wider range of coverage for any occasion.

Having explained our viewpoints to each other in order to enhance our working relationship, we wanted to share our perspective on photography.

Our basic belief is that emotion is far more tangible when the viewer is not distracted by color. However, color is an integral part of capturing the details in any setting - natural or staged. To break it down another way, when raw emotions are laid bare, black and white is the most effective way to capture them.

Black and white images, from our perspective, are more evocative of the emotions that were present during the occasion and are felt upon its reflection.

When photographing natural settings however, color may be the most important visual cue. The blue of the sky, the green of a tree, the gold of a mature wheatfield would suffer without the beauty of color.

As you enjoy our work, please regard this perspective as a set of guidelines and not as rules. In art, as in life, rules are made to be broken...